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Canfield Drive Mic Placement Tests

     The first type of window mask we tested seen in the top row of photos which is made out of a clear plastic and had foam around the nose and chin. With this style of mask we test 3 different possible micing positions to compare the quality. Ultimately we came to the conclusion that these masks caused weird reflection within the mask and would cause too many problems the dialogue.

     We then tried a window mask where the clear section was made out of vinyl and was surrounded with fabric. From our tests we though that however they didn't sound as amazing as wearing no mask would have sounded we could possibly work with EQ to make they sound tolerable.

     However during rehearsal we noticed that each actors voice interacted with that mask differently and a few of the key actors voice was struggling to make it past the vinyl. In the end the costume designer and I decided that either medical masks or cotton cloth masks would be the best mask to interact with all voices among the cast. 

Headset over mask.jpg

Headset Over Mask


Ear Rig

Headset under mask.jpg

Headset Under Mask







Voice: Rex Hale

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