Lighting Design 2 - "Impossible Year"


Lighting Design 2 - "Black Sheep"


Lighting Design 2 - Artist Project

Original Painting 


City at Night by Bozehena Fuchs

Light Demo

In this project we selected a piece of art to draw inspiration from, we then used that art to either create an audio soundscape or choose a piece of music that fits the aesthetic of the art. The final step of the project was to create a set and cue a light demo that goes along with the audio and tell the story we believe the piece of art is telling. 

What drew me to this artwork was the juxtaposition created, the color palette is very calm making it seem like a relaxing night, however, the warmth of the car headlights gives off the feeling of the busy bustling streets of new york. This lead me to choose the song Rhapsody in Blue which reflects the calm/bustling feelings of the original art

Foundations of Light

Fleetwood Mac Concert Tour Renderings





Lighting Design 1

"A Million Dreams" The Greatest Showman